The University of Tokyo at Komaba
Department of Life Sciences
Laboratory of Plant Science

Professor: Dr. Masahiko Ikeuchi
Assistant professor: Dr. Rei Narikawa
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Version 11.0 (2011. 4.7)

The University of Tokyo, Department of Life Sciences (Biology)
Building No. 15, Room No. 316.

Address: Komaba 3-8-1, Meguro, Tokyo 153-8902 JAPAN

Masahiko Ikeuchi, Dr. Professor
Tel: 81-3-5454-6641
Fax: 81-3-5454-4337
E-mail: mikeuchi[at] *Please change [at] to @

Rei Narilawa, Dr. Asistant Professor
Tel: 81-3-5454-4375
Fax: 81-3-5454-4337
E-mail: narikawa[at] *Please change [at] to @

[Research Projects]

1. Structure and Function of Photosystem II (PSII)

Cloning of PSII genes

Crystallization of PSII complex from Thermosynechococcus

Site-directed mutagenesis of PSII genes

2. Environmental Responses

High Light Acclimation

Phototactic Motility

3. Post-genome Project of Cyanobacteria

Structural Genomics of Thermosynechococcus proteins

Functional Genomics of Synechocystis genes

DNA Microarray Analysis

4. Experimental Approach to Evolution of Photosynthesis and Phototrophic Organisms

Microevolution of pmgA Mutant

Artificial Expression of CAO in Synechocystis

Genome projects of cyanobacteria and related organisms



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Masahiko Ikeuchi, mikeuchi[at],Dr., Professor, Homepage

Rei Narikawa, narikawa[at], Dr., Assistant Professor

[Post-doctoral fellow]

Hidehisa Yoshimura, yoshimura_h[at], Dr.

[Graduate Students]

Takafumi Midorikawa, ciw03430[at] (D3)

Mai Watanabe, MAIMAI[at] (D3)

Ryo Nagao, nagao[at] (D3)

Hiroshi Kiyota, kiyo_hiro[at] (D1)

Fumiko Suzuki (D1)

Junnya Tamura, J.TAMURA[at] (M2)

Gen Enomoto, genenomoto[at] (M1)

Hiroaki Yoshino (B4)